At The Pet Vet we are extremely proud to be a centre of excellence offering exceptional orthopaedic surgery and care for your pets. Our surgeons are highly trained to investigate, diagnose and treat pets with orthopaedic conditions together with our highly dedicated nursing team who work closely with the vet surgeon at each stage to minimise your pet’s recovery time.

Our surgeries are well equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment such as a CT scanner, x-ray and ultrasound crucial to provide an accurate diagnosis, possible causes, treatment options, prognosis and incurred costs. At every stage of the referral process, as with all of our consultations, surgeries and clinics, we ensure you are kept fully up to date during your pet’s stay with us.

We are pleased to be able to offer treatment for a whole range of conditions including:

• Cruciate disease: TPLO, closing wedge osteotomy, lateral fabellotibial suture.

• Patella luxation: Tibial tuberosity transposition, trochlear block recession and assessment/treatment of femoral/tibial angular limb deformity if necessary.

• Trauma cases: – Simple, complex and articular fracture management via internal and external fixation including minimally invasive repair, joint luxations, wound care.

• Angular limb deformities.

• Severely diseased/damaged joints:Limb sparing procedures, arthrodesis.

• Hip dysplasia surgery- Femoral head and neck osteotomy, double pelvic osteotomy

• Elbow surgery- medial coronoidectomy, humeral transcondylar screw placement for treatment of humeral intracondylar fissure, complex elbow fractures including humeral condylar and Y fractures

Whether you are the referring vet or the pet owner, our specialists are willing and happy to provide you with any advice or help you need by phone or email, and of course as well as being available to speak to you following consultation.

As a patient in The Pet Vet’s care, you and your pet can rest assured that they are in very good hands.

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Meet our Advanced Practitioner

Hugo Martins is an Advanced Practitioner in small animal surgery with an exceptional knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic and complex soft tissue conditions.  Hugo is based at our Rotherham surgery, but works across our group, supporting our vet teams with their orthopaedic and soft tissue case-loads.

Hugo is assisted by our Lead Surgical Nurse, Holly Wheelhouse.  Holly manages the preparation of our orthopaedic and soft tissue procedures, oversees the patient’s recovery until they are discharged, and acts as first point of contact for your customers whilst their pet is in our care.

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