Dog Advice

The number of Dog owners in the U.K nearly matches the Cat population albeit there are marginally less dogs. Dogs help their owners in many and varied ways from Guarding, protecting, undertaking military and law enforcement operations, etc more importantly however, a dog can brighten your day and make you smile when it’s most needed.

Dog News

Flystrike: Prevention is better than cure

Flystrike happens when flies lay their eggs on your rabbit, and those eggs hatch out into maggots. Maggots from blowflies: bluebottles and green bottles, are the…

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Rabbit Neutering

Rabbits are happiest when kept in pairs or groups, neutering allows them to do this without the worry of reproduction. It also prevents health problems…

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Neutering Awareness Month

April is neutering awareness month here at The Pet Vet because early spring is a good time to consider the benefits of neutering as this…

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Heart disease and cats

Heart disease is common in senior cats. There are many different types of heart disease.

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