We are open – following the necessary Coronavirus guidelines – which will keep you and our team safe for your visit.
Our amazing team has been working tirelessly to make sure Coronavirus precautions have been put in place, allowing customers to bring their pets to us for the treatment they require.
It is very important to us that your puppy’s health comes first, so we’ve put together some useful tips that will ensure you have a happy and healthy pet. Our team of Vets and Nurses have plenty of knowledge and experience, and will be happy to share this with you should you need it.

• Check that the first puppy vaccinations have been done

• Introduce to new situations and people

• Begin toilet training

• Research and buy items such as toys, leads, bed etc

• It is comforting for your new puppy to have something familiar around during the transition to a new environment such as a blanket from the puppy’s first home

• Decide on a veterinary practice to register the puppy with, to register with The Pet Vet click here

• Discuss our Pet Health Plan, with your local The Pet Vet surgery

• Take out a recognised insurance policy such as Vetsure which we recommend

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