Pet owner

We want to make this as easy as possible for you.

Whatever your requirements or concerns, please contact our Rotherham surgery team:

Call: 01709 854333

We’ll book an initial appointment to assess your pet’s condition. At the consultation, your pet will be examined, then we’ll agree the options to reach a diagnosis and create treatment plan.

Throughout the process, we’ll keep discussing the plan and costs with you, so that you can make informed decisions about your pets ongoing care.

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Are you thinking about getting a rabbit this year? If you are then you aren't alone as rabbits are very popular pets in the UK…

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Strange things kittens eat

Cats are pretty much meat eaters, but they can be very fussy about their food and that could be for many reasons. It could be…

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Kitten behaviours

It’s almost certain that when you bring your new kitten home you will experience love and affection like nothing else from your furry friend. Like…

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Strange things puppies eat

At The Pet Vet, sadly we see a number of puppies coming in having chewed something or eaten something they shouldn't have. It's completely normal…

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