Why caring for our pet’s oral health is essential

There are many reasons why we should ensure a good oral hygiene routine for our pets, ranging from unpleasant breath through to serious long-term health conditions.

During our dental month here at The Pet Vet, we are taking a look at four of the most common issues, which may help you to identify if your much-loved pet is in need of a little dental tlc.

Unpleasant breath odour, or halitosis, is not a given with pets. Just as with humans, good dental care and oral hygiene helps contribute to less bacteria and, therefore, a more pleasant breath. If you find yourself recoiling from your pet’s breath, it is time to seek a little help with their dental care. 

Sadly, premature tooth loss is something we see regularly. However, understanding how to avoid this, helps our pets to have healthy and strong teeth for a lifetime. Allowing bacteria to form below the gum line will ultimately weaken the structure and teeth become loose and fall out. In some cases, the bacteria causes painful infection and more invasive treatment is required. We can help you to ensure your pet avoids this preventable discomfort.

Oral pain often results from dental disease that has remained unchecked. Plaque naturally builds on the teeth and can, if left, turn to tartar and start to damage the gum and structures. But with a regular routine in place, either at home or here in one of our friendly surgeries, we can guarantee a healthy mouth and perfect set of gnashers!

By far the most critical of dental issues results from long-term neglect of oral care and sadly, once bacteria enters the bloodstream, it can quickly spread to the organs with fatal consequences. Again, organ failure is completely avoidable with the correct approach to dental care.

Keeping our pets free from unnecessary suffering is our top priority, and with some basic steps, we can help you to achieve this: 

  • Daily teeth cleaning 
  • Annual dental check-up
  • Vet consultation to investigate symptoms of dental disease

Click below to view our helpful video on how to brush your pet’s teeth:

We know it’s not always easy to manage a dental routine for your pet alone or at home, so whilst we have our useful ‘how to’ videos to guide you through this process, we also have skilled professionals and a dedicated dental theatre in each of our surgeries to ensure your pet receives only exceptional care at every appointment. 

Help your pet live a long and healthy life with the brightest of smiles. Call us today or book a dental check-up appointment.

It’s one of the kindest things you will do for your pet.

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