Neutering Awareness Month

April is neutering awareness month here at The Pet Vet because early spring is a good time to consider the benefits of neutering as this is the time when your pets’ hormones will kick in and they will become most sexually active.

When thinking about neutering most people probably only consider unwanted pregnancies but there are many other health and behaviour-related benefits that should also be considered when deciding whether or not to embark on this important procedure including:

• Reducing the risk of associated cancers developing
• Controlling behavioural issues
• Reduces roaming in males
• Reduces anti-social behaviours like urine marking and humping

Clients are recommended to have their pet neutered at the earliest possible stage. Female dogs become sexually active from an early age so it’s crucial that neutering is carried out from six months of age. Castration for male dogs can be performed from six months of age when both testicles have descended.

The procedure itself is a simple one and in most cases your pet can be dropped off and picked up the same day and after a very short confinement they will be able to return to a normal routine.

It is good to have a plan early on in the life of your pet as timing is an important factor in limiting or eliminating all or some of the above issues. Early consultation with one of our vets will establish the best course of action for your particular pet and situation.

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