Prescribing Guidance Update - How this Affects You & Your Pet

Prescribing Guidance Update - How this Affects You & Your Pet

Our governing body, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), has approved new guidance for Veterinary Surgeons prescribing prescription only veterinary medicines (POM-Vs) effective from 1st September 2023. 

This guidance has been issued to highlight the importance of minimising the development of resistance and the potential negative environmental impact of antimicrobials and antiparasitic medications. 

What does this new guidance mean for our customers? 

To be able to receive medications such as antibiotics or flea and worm treatments, the Veterinary Surgeon will need to: 

  • Have full access to your pet’s clinical history, including any treatment given by alternative veterinary surgeries. 

  • Carry out a physical examination of your pet. 

Can our customers still collect my flea and worm treatment without seeing a vet?

  • Yes, however: 

    • If you have a young pet that is likely to change weight you may be required to visit your veterinary surgery for a physical examination. 

    • We are unable to supply flea and worm treatment through weight check appointments with a Veterinary Nurse, or updates on your pet's weight from home.   

We understand the importance of supplying flea and worm treatment to your pets and that this may be of some inconvenience to yourself. We will try and make this transition as easy as possible for all those affected.  

Please contact your surgery if you need any further information.