The Danger of Heatstroke in Pets

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The Danger of Heatstroke in Pets

As we approach the warmer weeks of summer, there is an increased risk of heatstroke in our pets, so it’s important to know how to avoid the condition occurring and also to spot the early signs and how to respond. 

Heatstroke happens when your pet’s body overheats and their temperature rises, such that it can no longer regulate without intervention.

As cats, dogs and small pets cannot sweat, it is far more difficult for them to cool themselves down, which is why we should ensure we take preventative measures, at all times.

Avoiding heatstroke

Here are some tips to keep your pet in good shape throughout the hot weather:

  • Keep them out of the sun; staying in the shade if outside or in a well ventilated indoor space.
  • Check the temperature of outside surfaces eg artificial lawn, paving, and sand to ensure they won’t burn their paws.
  • Put them within a safe distance of a fan.
  • Give them constant access to fresh cold drinking water (if you’re out walking, take a water bottle and bowl)
  • Let dogs paddle, swim, wear a cooling collar or pour small amounts of cool water on them (not ice-cold water as this can cause shock).

Know the signs

Look out for the following signs that your pet could be in distress due to heat:

  • They pant heavily.
  • They start to dribble more than usual.
  • They may foam at the mouth.
  • They are sleepier or lethargic.
  • They begin to take shorter quick breaths.

Your pet may only have one or two of these symptoms but act before they develop more complications. Simple actions can help your pet to avoid heatstroke altogether.

Many pet stores and online suppliers have a range of products that can help when you are out and about. Staying on top of your pet care during the summer months will make for happy, healthy pets!

Seek advice

If you’d like more advice or you think your pet is suffering from heatstroke, contact us without delay and arrange to see one of our Vets.