Dental care for your young pet

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Dental care for your young pet

Welcoming a new pet into the family is always an exciting time, especially when they are young ones leaving mum for the first time. There are many routines to introduce, some more obvious than others, but one that is hugely beneficial to establish with young pets is their dental routine. 

We can often master dental care in the comfort of our own home, if we take the steps care and regularity from an early age. At the milk teeth stage, simply aim to familiarise your pet with having their mouth ‘handled’ and getting a taste for their toothpaste using a finger brush. It’s a slow, steady process to build up trust and technique, but rest assured, the benefits will pay back for a lifetime.

Once the milk teeth have been replaced, and your pet enjoys their toothpaste, a toothbrush can be introduced.  In our ‘how to video’ we have a dedicated film showing how to approach a good dental routine; and following this advice, will help keep plaque to a minimum, avoiding the build up of tartar and all the longer-term issues that can occur as a result.

If you would like help to introduce a dental routine, you’d like advice on diet for healthy teeth, or you have any concerns regarding your pet’s dental care, we have a team of skilled professionals to help you. Contact your local surgery and the team will be happy to help.

Let us help you on your journey to raising a happy pet with a great smile!

Click below to view our helpful video on how to brush your pet's teeth: