Food For Thought

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Food For Thought

There are so many different dog and cat foods available, a trip to the pet shop can be overwhelming! Should I give them wet or dry food? Will they prefer chicken or fish? Do I have to pay premium prices or should I just choose something cheap and cheerful?

It really is as simple as: puppies need puppy food; adults need adult food and older pets need senior food. These diets are tailored to what your pets need at that time in their life, for example, extra support for growth in puppies.

Wet or dry
Generally, feeding a dry diet is preferred in dogs and cats, as crunching the biscuits helps to clean their teeth. However, for neutered male cats, your vet will often recommend feeding wet food to keep him hydrated and prevent any nasty urinary problems.

Breed specific diets
Many pet food companies now offer diets tailor made for certain breeds, providing additional nutrients for what that breed of dog needs, whether it’s heart support for Boxers or joint care for Dachshunds. The most important thing is to ensure that you choose the right food for the size of dog so small breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers need smaller biscuits and different nutrition compared to larger breeds like Golden Retrievers.

Veterinary diets
Companies have designed diets clinically proven to support pets with health problems such as allergies, diabetes, heart conditions, kidney disease or arthritis, as well as diets tailored to the needs of neutered pets or pets trying to lose weight. Veterinary diets don’t necessarily mean spending extra money as less food needs to be given each day, meaning the bag lasts much longer!

If you are unsure about your pet’s diet and what to feed, pop in to see us so we can recommend what’s best for your furry friend.