Whilst frosty mornings might bring festive cheer to us humans, our canine friends may not be so merry. Winter months are tough on dogs’ paws: lower temperatures bring a heightened risk of frostbite, and exposure to road salt and anti-freeze can cause burns and blisters. Plus, a dog’s natural reaction to pain is to lick his paws; and ingested in high amounts, the chemicals used can be poisonous. At The Pet Vet, we care about preventive wellbeing, so here are some top tips for owners and walkers from our Head Vet, Niamh:
  • Before venturing out onto treated roads and pavements, apply a protective balm to paws, such as Vaseline, Pawtection or OOmeo. Or for the ultimate reassurance, use protective boots.
  • In extreme cold, take shorter, more frequent walking routes.
  • Wash and dry paws after spending time outdoors; and whilst doing so, check for any signs of injury.
  • If you have any concerns, we’d love to help, so please contact your nearest surgery.