Why Neuter Your Pet?

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Why Neuter Your Pet?

Why get your pet neutered?

We offer a high-quality neutering service for cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets and other furry friends. 

Why should I neuter my pet?

  • Stops unwanted male attention and pregnancy in females
  • Reduces the risk of testicular cancer and uterus infections and cancer
  • Reduces urine marking and roaming in male dogs and cats
  • Reduces mature males’ aggressive behaviour
  • Prevents messy female bleeding
  • Cuts sibling mating and associated birth defects and deformities
  • Cuts vet fees for pregnancy and birth problems
  • No need to re-home, vaccinate, worm and flea-treat unwanted offspring
  • Owners have a responsibility to meet their animal’s needs under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

What’s the procedure?

A female is spayed, which is the removal of her womb and ovaries. A male is castrated – this means his testicles are removed. Operations are carried out under general anaesthetic following a pre-med sedative, and pets usually recover quickly. We’ll monitor your pet for 2-3 hours after their op, after which they are usually fine to go home!

Is neutering painful?

We do everything we can to make your pet as comfortable as possible during and after the operation. As well as the injections received on the day, your pet may go home with oral pain relief. Our team will explain how to give this to your pet and make sure you're completely happy with this before going home.

Are there any risks?

There’s always a risk with general anaesthetic – albeit minimal – so a nurse will monitor your pet's heart and breathing the entire time. If your pet is eight years or older, the vet will recommend a blood test to check overall health before the anaesthetic. And to minimise risk of post-op infection, we’ll explain how to care for your pet at home after the procedure.

When should it be done?

Neutering is traditionally done at a young age. However the operation can be performed at any age. We can talk through the options and advise you on the best time for your pet to be spayed or castrated.

What does it cost?

This varies depending on the surgery and the type, size and sex of your pet. Contact your local surgery and they'll be able to let you know how much neutering will cost.

How do I book the neutering procedure?

  • Come in for a pre-op check-up (included in neutering cost)
  • Book the procedure
  • Arrive for procedure, check your pet in for an admit consultation, leave your pet at The Vet and await an update call from the clinic once the procedure has happened
  • Collect your pet with any medications prescribed, make payment
  • Return for a post-op check-up 2 days later and 10 days to have stitches removed (included in neutering cost). Male cats shouldn’t require post-op check unless there is a problem