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Common health issues in flat-faced dogs

Just as overcrowding of teeth in humans presents dental and gum issues, so does the overcrowding of a dog’s mouth. As the brachycephalic breeds have a shortened skull, it follows that they have a shortened jaw, yet the number and size of their teeth remain the same as those of their species with longer snouts.

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Knowing the health risks to flat-faced dogs

Here at The Pet Vet we are going to be looking at some of the complexities of owning a ‘flat-faced’ (brachycephalic) dog. There are several breeds that fall into this description including French bulldogs, English bulldogs, Boston terriers, pugs, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, shih tzus and boxers. 

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Foods to avoid to keep our pets safe

Throughout the year, we all enjoy seasonal foods and it’s tempting to perhaps offer a little titbit to our furry companion. But beware the seasonal (and non-seasonal) goodies that can cause no end of harm to our beloved pets.

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Seasonal dangers and knowing how to avoid them

To keep our pets enjoying a healthy, happy, active summer, there are a few things to look out for which may help to avoid unnecessary harm from nature’s more toxic by-products. 

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The hazards of heat

As we approach the warmer weeks of summer, it is essential for us to recognise the dangers of heat for our pets.

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Safe garden space – pet-friendly gardens

As we approach the warmer months of summer, we look at some of the hazards we can find in our own gardens and how to avoid them.

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Dental care for your young pet

Welcoming a new pet into the family is always an exciting time, especially when they are young ones leaving mum for the first time.

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Why caring for our pet’s oral health is essential

There are many reasons why we should ensure a good oral hygiene routine for our pets, ranging from unpleasant breath through to serious long-term health conditions.

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How to choose the right small animal as a pet

Taking on a new pet is a big commitment, no matter how big or small the animal you're thinking of bringing home.

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Rabbit diseases

Myxomatosis is a severe disease that affects rabbits.  It’s caused by a virus that attacks the eyes, skin, lungs, liver and genitals.  Sadly, there is no cure for myxomatosis and it’s often fatal. 

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Back to bunny basics: keeping your rabbits healthy

Rabbits can be lots of fun but as many owners already know, keeping bunnies as pets isn’t always easy.

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What to do when your new puppy or kitten arrives

When you get your puppy or kitten, there are a few important things you need to do to make sure they stay happy and healthy.

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